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Trouble Shooting Method of Hoisting Mechanism Failure
Pubdate : 2017-11-18 16:22:09

nucleon company received customer’s feedback which said that in the use of the crane, the main hoist mechanism will have sound and lifting weakness. According to the inspection results, the technical staff of the company proposed the following solutions:

First, the lifting mechanism has sound. It is observed that the failure maybe is because of the balance valve which is imported products, the remote control interface is equipped with one-way damper combination valve (damper is adjusted by thread), the principle is to open slowly (with 2s delay), while the oil return is quick, this way, the balanced valves will play a more secure protective effect on the hoisting mechanism. The cause of the failure may be is because of with long-term use, the hydraulic system maintenance is not timely, the damper part has a little oil so that damper aggravated and resulting in longer opening delay (about 8s), this can cause the balanced valve opening and lifting brake open incongruously, so it’ll make a sound. If you remove the balance valve, then clean, assemble, adjust it, and make the delay meet the factory requirements, the phenomenon will disappear.

Second, the lifting weakness. The reasons generally are: hydraulic motor drain is too large, the volume efficiency is significantly reduced, so the lifting is weakness; the control components relief valve (pilot) drain, the system pressure cannot increase, so the lifting is weakness. If you remove the motor drain and manipulate the lifting mechanism to observe, and find that the amount of oil is normal; then, remove the upper valve group’s lifting relief valve (plug-in) after inspection, you found that an O-ring is slightly damaged and resulting in oil leakage, the pressure cannot increase. After replacing the O-ring, adjust the pressure to the design value. Hanging heavy objects to make test, then it is back to normal.

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