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The Selection of Crane
Pubdate : 2017-08-31 09:27:24

When companies purchase crane, they should take the range of application, working frequency, working condition into consideration to select the crane that is suitable for them. nucleon (Xinxiang) crane co., ltd., as the leading brand of crane in China, provides various production for companies, including ECO-LINE series, PROFI-LINE series, AUTOMATION-LINE series.

Ⅰ. ECO-LINE series

ECO-LINE series adopts single speed drive design, has no function of adjusting the speed, and has a large impact when starting with low-model crane. It suits for the working condition that drive in a single speed and has low requirements for accurate positioning.

a. Technical characteristic:

1. Having large impact when starting and stop.

2. Large payload oscillation.

3. Low efficiency.

4. High energy consumption.

5. Large noise.

b. Application samples.

1. Heavy handing at the warehouse compound.

2. Components transport at mechanical processing workshops.

3. Goods transport in field site.

Ⅱ. PROFI-LINE series

The double drive design is suitable for the working conditions that require higher accuracy. Polarity rotor motor (8/2-pole) can offer two travel speed. Configuring the special winding and rotor, it can achieve secure soft start. Comparing with ECO-LINE series, it has better operation effect with general crane configuration.

a. Technical characteristic:

1. Having little impact when starting and stop.

2. Little payload oscillation.

3. High efficiency.

4. Low energy consumption.

5. Small noise.

b. Application samples:

1. Single speed drive for all working conditions.

2. New mechanical processing workshop.

3. General precision assembly plant.


Variable frequency drive design is best suitable for varied travel speed and the highest positioning accuracy working conditions required, and then get different speed. The four grade motors for frequency converter can drive under 87HZ, through controller adjust the key parameter including speed up and slow down the slopes. This driving device will realize start and stop slightly, making the load swing down the lowest level. Appropriate speed, no swing operation and sensitive sensor position will shorten the working frequency greatly.

a. Technical characteristic:

1. Minimum impact when starting and stop.

2. Minimum load swing;

3. High efficiency.

4. Minimum energy consumption.

5. Minimum noise.

b. Application samples.

1. Single and double speed drive on all working conditions.

2. Precision machining workshops.

3. High-precision assembly workshop.

4. Handing the precious dangerous goods.

The above three types of products provide companies different kinds of choices. Companies can select the crane suitable for them best according to the introduction and their needs.