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The Nucleon Company Has Received Many Honors From The Changyuan County
Pubdate : 2017-08-31 14:59:54

Recently, nucleon company has won many awards. It was rated as the "worker pioneers" and "safety demonstration team" in Changyuan county, the title of "energy-saving emission reduction competition advanced unit", "Ankang Cup"contest winning enterprises. The employee Xia Weixin won the title of "chief employee", the employee Ma Tongyin won the title of "energy-saving emission reduction excellent rationalization of the proposed winner",and the employee Li Huizhao won the title of "excellent labor protection supervision and inspection officer" of Changyuan County. 

In 2016, nucleon actively took the effective measures to enable enterprises to achieve a healthy and sustainable development. Such as quality promotion and management innovation, equipment and product upgrading, and so on.  At the same time, the company also gives fully play to the role of the main force of blue-collar workers, and actively participate in all kinds of labor competitions, technical competitions and job training activities in the county, hence the quality of business and skill level have been significantly improved. It has made a positive contribution to promote the transformation and upgrading of the county.  

The honor is the full affirmation of the Changyuan county government to the Nucleon company and the general staffs, it also encourages everyone to remember the beginning,continue forward, adhere to the scientific outlook on development, promote the rapid development of enterprises, and add new work to the "Four Aspects (Prosperous, Education, Livable, Harmony) of Chanyuan" and economic construction of the county.