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The eighth advantages of energy-saving overhead cranes
Pubdate : 2017-11-18 16:01:26

In the industrial field, overhead cranes have enjoyed a great reputation on the field of cranes. Do you know the ninth advantages of energy-saving overhead cranes?
1.Corrugated web crane weight light. And the wheel pressure is small, which can reduce the pressure of steel structure workshop;
2.The thickness of flat web is about one eightieth of web height. Due to the corrugated web increased, the required thickness of it is decreased. The thickness of corrugated web can be one five hundredth of the height of web, which can ave 25 percent to 40 percent of steel.
3.Due to the reduction of steel amount, the demand for energy is correspondingly reduced. It can not only save resources but protect environment.
4.Corrugated web crane has compact structure, and the volume of it is small. The features of it can save the plant space effectively.
5.Corrugated web crane uses digital intelligent electrical control system, which has the following features, such as stable operation, low noise, low energy consumption.
6.Corrugated web crane looks beautiful, which give people a visual beauty.
7.What’s more, the price of corrugated web crane is lower than traditional overhead crane.
8.The weight of whole machine is 27% ~ 35% lighter than the traditional overhead crane.
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