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Knowledge of the foundry crane
Pubdate : 2017-08-25 15:16:20

With the rapid development of large-scale infrastructure construction, energy industry, real estate industry, petrochemical industry and shipbuilding industry in recent years, the development of heavy machinery manufacturing industry, such as cranes in China, has been greatly promoted, and China's crane industry is becoming one of the most powerful cranes in the world.

foundry crane, a kind of special type crane, is a main equipment for steel-making and continuous casting. It mainly used for lifting and transporting of liquid steel ladle. Its application includes iron and steel metallurgy, electricity, water, aerospace, shipbuilding, automobiles, coal, petrochemicals.

From the overall structure, the foundry crane can be divided into: double-beam two-track type, four-beam four-track type, four-beam six track type, etc. The first two are used generally for medium and large tonnage casting crane, and the third for larger tonnage casting crane. The foundry crane designed and manufactured by nucleon (Xinxiang) crane co., ltd. has the characteristics of advanced technology, new structure, safety and reliability, economy and durability, easy to maintain. In addition, our foundry crane has the function of swivel sling, flexible hook distance of gantry, weighing and display of load.