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How To Select A Single Girder Crane
Pubdate : 2017-08-30 13:50:31

When we purchase single girder crane, we are quite cautious in order to ensure the security in the operation. But what should we pay attention to when selecting single girder crane?

As a special equipment, the selection of single girder crane should concern with its safety and quality. To purchase a both safety and high quality crane, we must select the appropriate crane manufactures, for the strength of the crane manufactures will directly affect the quality and after-sales service of the product. Therefore, there are three important points need to be considered when selecting crane manufactures.

1. The strength of crane manufactures. Before selecting, we should do some researches about the reputation of the manufacture. We can go to the client corporations of the manufactures to know the quality of products and its after-sale services. Or we can go to the manufactures to know the company scale, production equipment and qualification. As a special equipment, its production and installation should be qualified. (manufacturing license and installation permit.

2. Design level of crane manufactures. The design level mainly refers to electrical control for 70% crane failure exists in the electrical control. The general standard for ordinary manufactures is universal, which is that the electrical control of 5-ton-crane applies the same design whether other parameters are the same or not. While the electrical control of some big crane manufactures is designed independently according to different parameters. For this can reduce the failure rate and extend the service life.

3. The service of crane manufactures. Service is of great significance. Some small manufactures provide low cost for competition, but ignoring the after-sale service, which would cause a lot of trouble for customers. Because it is possible to break down for crane.  And if it can't be solved in time, it will delay the production.