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Four Great Tips Help The Arms of Giant Fly Farther
Pubdate : 2017-08-31 10:07:39

With the development of science and technology and the improvement of mechanization, we can often see the lifting equipment in construction site. They not only speed up the progress of the construction, but also improve the quality of the construction. But in the daily use, the lifting equipment will be subject to a variety of factors so that it can’t play its role fully. Then what should we do to make the crane, arms of the giant, fly farther during the process of daily construction?

1.Construction companies should develop management rules and regulations of lifting equipment and maintain the normal order in the construction set. They should establish a sound management system if their equipment and personnel are mobilized frequently.

2.Crane manufacturers should supervise the relevant staff to implement the maintenance and safety regulations of lifting equipment in order to protect the safety and reliability of lifting equipment and reduce security risks.

3.The relevant staff should operate the equipment canonically, reduce the aging of the lifting equipment and pay attention to safety of construction with qualifications.

4.Pay attention to the maintenance work. Repair and replace the damaged parts timely to ensure that the lifting equipment won’t threat the safety of construction workers.