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Double beam overhead crane
Pubdate : 2017-09-12 17:40:44

Hebei iron and steel group Jinding heavy industry co., LTD. Was established on July 30, 2010. The business scope includes precision cast iron parts, precision cast steel parts, manufacturing and sales of forged parts. The main equipment of the company are 1080m3 blast furnace and 2228 m3 blast furnace.

As a member of the steel metallurgical industry, it has entered into a trading contract with nucleon LTD. And the contract detail is that Hebei iron and steel group buys nucleon co., LTD., one set about the hook bridge crane of Double beam bridge crane series ,which of model is QD 20/5 t13. 5 m.

Hook bridge crane is a general bridge crane, which is made up of four parts, such as crane trolley, bridge frame, big car running mechanism and electric control equipment. According to the environment, the location of the driver's cab can be fixed on either side of the bridge and in the middle. In special cases, the location of the driver's room can also be moved with the lifting trolley.

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