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Double beam bridge crane
Pubdate : 2017-09-19 16:05:09

Zhong Ding Heng Sheng Gas Equipment Co., LTD., established on November 9, 2009, which of scope of business include design, production, assembly of gas equipment , mechanical processing and sales of gas equipment and spare parts, technical service and so on.

As a member of the hydropower industry, the company entered into a trading contract with nucleon crane LTD. About the details of contract,Ding Heng Sheng Gas Equipment Co., LTD. buy nucleon crane co., LTD., 8 units of european type double beam crane covering  Double beam bridge crane series, which of product model is QD30/5 t NLH10t HD5t.

Double beam bridge crane mainly consists of bridge frame, big car running mechanism, trolley, electrical equipment and so on. And it generally adopts air operation mode, which is different from other ground handling cranes. In addition, according to different frequency use ,there are A5, A6, A7, 3 kinds of work levels.

If you want to know more about the European double beam crane, please contact our customer service staff.